Hello fellow readers, I know I know it’s been a long time since my last post. I’ve been keeping busy, experiencing, learning and growing. I’ve turned another new chapter.. or two on my journey . I thought it time to catch back up and put fingers to key board again, after some major life realisations , challenges and eye openers.

I’ve been dealing with things awfully well the last few months  , No real ups and downs so  finally I thought it time to start slowly implementing things back into my routine , like dating , socialising , maintaining and fostering positive relationships and just more general self-love . Whoa yes, a scary thought from the girl who was struggling with the norm only a few years ago.

I’ve learnt to start putting trust in the universe that everything will work out the way it should … well in that statement alone, not everything that should be, is what we want it to be. This is hard to fathom, undeterred trust in yourself and that everything is working out the way it is supposed to be.

What’s helped in this process? Well an amazing support network I’ve found through yoga, understanding and dealing with pain and trauma through therapy, trust and healthy relationship building and the biggest.. Self-love.

Shit hurts, sometimes situations, people, friendships or relationships don’t work out as you planned, or it wasn’t what you envisioned. Letting go of this bad juju, and looking at the reason behind the pain or unsettles feeling will often lead to healing, compassion , kindness and love. Things you probably need at that point in time . What will be, will be and there’s a very specific reason you are going through it at this very point in time, even if you bloody loath it at that moment . Don’t fight it, don’t let anxiety or fear overtake your sense of reasoning or will. Don’t get disheartened when things aren’t what you want them to be, because they are preparing you for something even more amazing.

More importantly, don’t give up. It’s like running a marathon, you’re in excruciating pain by the 30km mark.. But do you give up.. Hell no! Because if you don’t finish then the pain you just endured the last 30km is almost for nothing, because you haven’t met the end goal. You keep going, you keep running through the pain until you get to the end. The journey to the end seems shitty, hard and full of mental battles, but the accomplishment outweighs everything else in the end.

Be kinder to yourself, offer yourself more compassion and love. Ask yourself “what is the most loving thing I can do for myself in this very moment? “. Ignore the predispositions society have inbuilt in your thinking, and go with your own instinct.

Remember to breathe, breath is life… a lesson which took me so long to understand and put into context more than just the superficial oxygen entering the body.

Lesson 30: Unconditional self-love is honouring who you are today and not who you might be tomorrow. Own your story!


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