Ration Challenge

So this week I’m undertaking the “ Act for peace Ration Challenge “ , where I eat as a Syrian Refugee would for 7 days to raise funds and awareness for people currently living in refugee camps  .Its day 4 today , and I’m not going to lie .. it’s REALLY REALLY hard .  It’s made me realise how lucky in fact we are,  to have the access to everyday things, like fresh fruit and vegetables , fresh milk and just the convenience of knowing we can go to the supermarket at any time if we need something .

These Refugees don’t have the basics , while I’ve been complaining about not getting my daily morning coffee during this 7 day challenge  … there are children and families in these camps facing the same bland rations day in and day out , some for years . The rations are enough for one to survive calorie wise ,but hardly suppling the necessary nutrients one’s body needs . The Ration pack included of all “ Yellow” Foods , Vegetable oil , Dried chickpeas , Lentils , flour ,  Rice and 1 can of Red Beans + 1 can of Sardines . I’m sick of it already , and I can only imagine what being on this diet for a month or more does to one mentally , let alone the environment these refugees are subjected to . Today I’ve decided to eat my can of sardines for lunch at work … which has left me wondering how ill survive the next 3 days without any protein .. and just rice and ½ can of beans . A totally foreign question , yet one the average refugee will face daily .

This challenge has allowed me to reassess what I really “ NEED “ in life . Notice the small things I take for granted which I should have more appreciation for .

I’m still able to drive my car to work , Book doctors’ appointments  , surf the web , work and enjoy these sorts of daily conveniences . Whereas these opportunities are not available for people in refugee camps .

Especially heart breaking is the lack of education available to the children in these camps , Education for me was one of the vital aspects of me breaking through the low-social economic family I grew up in . These children aren’t even able to access basic education and in some cases health care . These children are innocent parties of the war which their families are fleeing , every dollar donated to this cause gives me reassurance that it will go to helping these innocent victims .

If possible, I urge you to donate to this cause ; https://my.rationchallenge.org.au/yasmin-katrina-zacharias

Lesson 29 : No matter how hard you think you’ve got it , there’s always someone else out there worse off than you .

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