The Colour of Winter

Winter is a dull Blue / Grey colour  . Winter is less colourful than the other season, which usually allows me to clear the mind a little .

Other colours + objects still appear depending on stimulus but it’s not as full on as the other seasons . Its weird how the time of year can work with Synesthesia senses. Although the Sound of rain has its own colours and movement , go figure . How weird and wonderful the brain can be .

I’m still figuring it all out , I wish there was a map that came along with it , but it’s different for everyone .

Although I’m not diagnosed with Time-space Synesthesia ( a Visuo-spatial Synesthesia ) it may be mildly present . When your brain cross wires like in my case , often a few wires can be crossed over so it’s really no surprise , but it’s all about learning and discovery .  Winters always been visually lower  ( below the knee ) than the other seasons, like Summer which is shoulder height  .

For me , Winter is a time of planning , preparing and putting goals into action .. as it is for most people . Mine just has its own colour  and movement when I picture it in my mind . It’s still quite difficult for me to articulate Synesthesia for non-Syn people .

Goals being the theme of this winter , I’m strong into my Strength and Conditioning routine and I hope to carry this through the rest of the year. I’ve attending a few BJJ classes , this made me see a deep dark Blue , mainly due to the fact on how much regression has happened during my time off .  However I’m determined to do my best , regain my fitness , technique and just have fun with it again .

Retention is still different sequencing in terms of memory , My coach was showing a move and made a joke about my Syn and said “ Tulip “ , now when I picture this particular escape all I can see is Picture Frame , Rainbow ( with the legs ) , Crab Orange + Tulip .  Makes sense why I would always put my weird names or references to traditional moves . It was just my brain relating the memory to movement . Again how wonderfully weird the brain can be !

Lesson 28 : Embrace your differences

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