Well this post comes after again , I’ve had to end a friendship due to mismatched morals and one-sided values  .

I’ve always had issues forming bonds with females , I’ve just never been a girly girl , I’ve always been one of the boys . However the last few years I’ve tried to surround myself with the right types of female friendships . Occasionally some bad ones still slip through the cracks.

I expect friends,  female or males to have the same level of respect for me , my things , my values and time . I’m some cases we fail to realise that some of the people we have friendships with , do not reciprocate the same level of respect you give them . Friendships are a 2 sided relationship where each party have a mutual respect , if it doesn’t work both ways then it cannot be called much of a friendship .

Why Is it then ,  when the person not reciprocating the level of respect gets called out , they fail to realise what they in fact have done wrong ?

This is the issues I was faced with recently .

I’ve put a lot of time and soul searching into what I deserve and how I feel I should be treated , and if the treatment I am receiving doesn’t fall in line with my values , instead of building it up – I let it out , and call that person out . Sometimes not always in the most pleasant or subtle of ways .. but I let it out . Well , so I’ve learned … this isn’t always welcomed .

People don’t want other people pointing out their flaws and will stoop to the lowest of lows, to try to justify their wrong doings or behaviour … Even if there is a clear proven pattern of this .  What can you do in this situation ? Well for me it was remembering what your worth , Remember what you deserve and don’t settle for less . If the person isn’t willing to admit fault and come to an agreement to cease this action , after you’ve bought the subject to the forefront , well then it’s time to cut your losses and move on . Even if this is a friendship you’ve had for years .

What’s more important , your self-worth , morals and values or someone’s one-sided friendship ? The question is pretty clear , cut your losses and move on .

There are plenty of other people out there and people already in your life that deserve your friendship , who will love , respect and appreciate you and your values . Don’t settle for less , no matter how hard it may seem at the time to cut the tie . My recent experience has reminded me how lucky I am to have those few supportive , forever friends .

Lesson 27 : Shit Friends come and go , mutual meaningful friendships lasts forever .

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