I started with the question… “ why do we have to do the things we don’t like “ . I’ve had to face uncomfortable situations recently, in doing things I really just don’t wanna do , because of situations I just don’t wanna be in .

I had to take a step back and re-evaluate that question . Like a really BIG step back . I’m the one who put myself in the unwanted situation, so why should I be angry at the fact I have to retrace my steps back now ?

Well I’ve come to the conclusion it’s all apart of my learning journey, learning where and what I don’t want to be .

Instead of thinking negatively and beating myself up about it , I’ve decided to look at the situation differently .

If life was all easy and everything went our way , how would we grow and evolve to be the person we were meant to be … well we wouldn’t , we wouldn’t have the same learnings and self discovery as a person who trekked the harder path.

I keep reminding myself with all the hardship comes a great reward . Changing my way of thinking is critical at this point … instead of “ I don’t want want to be here“ it’s needed to change too “ this is exactly where I need to be , this is my path I must walk or crawl“ .

If you’ve every read My Fight / Your Fight – Ronda Rousey’s auto bio ( yes , still a Rousey fan ! ) , you’d be familiar with the quote “There is nothing in my life that I would go back and change, even the darkest moments. All the successes and greatest joys in my life are a result of the absolute worst things. Every missed opportunity is a blessing in disguise.”

A blessing in disguise , although I may hate and loath this part of my story right now , i know it will only make me stronger . I need to walk the hard yard ( and stay on it ! ) to get to where I want to be . Thinking back to past hardships and experiences , they were the times that taught me the most , that turned me into a strong resilient women . So changing the mindset now from negative to positive is imperative.

Lesson 26 : It’s the journey through the hard times that teach us who we are .

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