Facing Fears

Feeling comfortable in uncomfortable situations has been my mantra over the last few weeks . Trying to get back into my old routines ( minus the bad habits ) has been harder than I thought . The beginning of this journey has reminded me how far I actually am from where I was . I haven’t let this stop me though , it has taken a lot of mental power to forgive myself and keep trekking.

I’ve been scared to do the things I use to do regularly. So here I am starting over , strength and conditioning sessions , dance classes , socialising and the dreaded dating scene again ( lord help me ! ) .

So why are we so scared to face the things we fear , why is it so daunting ? Probably because we are predicting the worst before it even happens , because we are uncomfortable in the situation which may be foreign to us at that time .

So how do I overcome this – jump into the deep end . Accept the worst outcome and just give it 100% without expectations .

Things don’t happen over night or as fast as we may want them too , learning takes time and patience… patience being the one thing I lack most in this world .

Stay tuned for progress updates !

Lesson 25 : Face your fears & the more comfortable you’ll become in uncomfortable situations.

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