Climbing Mountains

So yesterday I crazily undertook the 10km Werribee Gorge Circuit Hike with a friend . This is a hike id only ever done in total once before , which was with a boy who broke my heart and will remain unnamed . That was about 3 – 4 years ago , and I was in peak fitness just having graduated from my Personal Training course . I was the fittest and lightest id ever been , and I remember this particular hike being quiet gruelling with its uphill incline .

So here I was yesterday , 50kgs heavier , unfit but still with the same motivation to complete this circuit hike . Crazy I know , but there’s something about getting lost in the wilderness with nature , and having to find your way out which has really appealed to me . I figured this would be a good way to mentally prepare myself to the journey to regain my fitness I have ahead of me .

Within the first ¼ of the hike .. 40min in I lost my footing and literally back rolled into the lake below , while trying to traverse unassisted around a rock face . Fellow hikers were concerned id hurt myself , luckily my hiking buddy found this just as amusing as me . I pulled myself out of the river , uninjured , looking somewhat like a drowned rat . Thank-you BJJ for teaching me how to roll , I think if I didn’t know how to protect my head and arms I probably would have severely injured myself .

There was my choice , continue to hike 3 more hours or give up and turn around cause I was all wet . Something clicked in my head , I’m not the type of girl to give up at the slightest upset . So we keep trekking on through the shrubs , with my water filled shoes squishing with every step . This moment in the hike was most important , I was challenging myself without knowing it , I was determined to finish the hike no matter what .

Uphill battle – This was the most exhausting part of the hike , literally about an hour hike uphill with a huge incline . They referred to this path as a medium – hard grade … id happily confirm with the lack of clearly marked paths and incline , this should definitely be ‘ Hard ‘ Graded . I stopped multiple times some to catch my breath , some to take in the view . My legs ached and I panted most of the way but my Mantra was definitely one foot after the other . If I just kept moving I would eventually conquer the mountain .

Getting lost – We literally got lost . We ventured off the very vaguely marked path and found ourselves literally hiking up the side of mountain . What do you do when your lost ? I think our actions were very important here . We decided to back track to where we last were on path , and then re continue trekking on the right track . This is very similar in life … when you get off track , go back to where you were on track and start again . Even if this means climbing up a mountain a km again , then so be it .. at least you’re on the right path .

I was very thankful for some basic survival skills id learned in previous hikes , rivers usually lead to somewhere ( I’m sure there is more to that but it helped us find a path ) . Always bring extra water & stick to the path , look for fellow hikers foot prints etc. There were a few moments where we’d walked a good 15- 20 min off course and had the “ oh shit “ moments , we are totally lost . But we managed to find our way . Doesn’t matter how lost you get , you can always find your way back with a solid foundation – how true this can be in many aspects of life .


What did this teach me ?

If my mental game is strong so is my body .

If get lost I can always find my way back .

One foot after another with constant movement can get me a long way .

If I fall , I will get back up again and achieve amazing things

Sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself again .

Lesson 24 : You can overcome any mountain if you put your mind into it .

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