‘Chapter’ – A distinctive period in history or in a person’s life.
I feel like I’m moving into a new chapter in my life. This past Sunday I completed the 3rd & last scrutiny during the enlightenment and purification stage on my way to baptism and confirmation. I’ve been able to address things which I have previously not being able to discuss and evaluate , events and things in my life which have led me to this point in my life . The biggest things I’ve learnt on my journey so far – the importance of positive relationships and friendships, being non-judgmental and the forgiveness of myself and others.
Lessons in life add to character, each lesson you learn good or bad, teaches you something, which in turn, makes you who you are in this very moment. Learning to be in the present and appreciating my experiences took me a long time to learn. We are all individuals with our own sole individual journey and purpose.
I look forward to the new chapter in my life and leaving behind the negative. I’ve slowly but successfully achieved a work life balance again , learning to stick up for myself and not let injustices go by without challenging them , regardless of outcome , cause it’s the right thing to do .
I’ve learned to cherish the important things in a relationship, the emotional and spiritual connection and not just the physical or materialistic things. Think these lessons are the key to longevity of relationships and ensure a happy life with people who support and care for you, and you them.
This is a chapter I know I’ll look back on in years and know it was a turning point , a turning point to the rest of my life, where I left that bad stuff behind , begun a new life with the lessons I’ve learned to be used to help myself and others . I’m glad the bad chapters are closed.
My goals are to now re-establish my schedules and routines, to get back into training and take care of my health and fitness. Which has been still lacking of late. My chosen confirmation name will be after “Saint Joan of Arc “a strong female fighter, who fought to female equality, a leader who followed her faith no matter what others said. I plan to live up to my chosen saint’s name and continue fighting the good fight, no matter what colour my mood may be.

Lesson 22 : When one chapter ends , another one starts .

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