This past week has been awfully challenging. Just when I was able to reflect and feel accomplished about where my life was at, everything changed in an instant.  I still feel accomplished however my bad luck has hit me all at once, one thing after another until I threw in the towel. The great thing is, is how I’m able to deal with challenges life puts in front of me now, whether it be work challenges, financial, social or health.

The events of the past week previously would have given me a break down, I would have shut down and cried and then self-sabotaged. The colours of challenges are dull and dark, similar to pain, this association often makes it challenging to pull out of a hard time.   This time I was able to assess the situation and put a plan in place to work around the challenges …. Although I may not like the challenges or the timing, I remind myself that’s whatever is put in front of me during my journey will make me stronger.

It forced me to do things that I don’t branch out and do normally , catch public transport and enjoy the scenery , catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while , spend time doing things I use to enjoy .

It’s also taught me I’m a lot more patient that I thought. God has blessed me with dealing with the worst of ppl (liars in the workplace) you know those ones that press your buttons even when your minding your own business. I’ve been trying to be direct in getting this person to leave me alone, however my direct approaches seem not to be getting me anywhere. Lord help me not to rear naked choke a certain someone who is making my life hell are work.  Old Yas probably would have, now I just smile and walk away as it’s not worth my time. The colour of frustration is Orange, easily turns to Red which is anger, a good correlation for me to recognise.

I’ve decided to focus my attention on getting back to where I was. Giving myself “ME Time “self-love, something I’ve been neglecting as of late.  Praise for this good things I’ve been doing, which doesn’t reward with chocolate ha-ha .  We project what we feel, so this is very important to my happiness and others around me. I’ve stopped worrying about what other think of me, and starting doing what’s best for me.

I’ve been trying to plan the future down to the last detail, however we cannot plan for unforeseen events. These events just need to have a work around or a contingency plan to be overcome.

More meditation , More Yoga , less worrying .

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Lesson 21: Challenges make us stronger.  Dealing with others ignorance and bad behavior in the right way makes us more patient and adaptable .

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