Journey not Competition

I came across a quote recently that went along the lines of “life is a journey not a competition “. I thought it was funny how well this fits into my life now. I remember a time when it was all competition. Competing to be the best at everything. The best at work, at school, at sports and just general knowledge. I use to find myself competing against everyone and everything, even myself. Always having to be right or first at things. I realised, how I couldn’t stop and appreciate life and the small things, if I was always competing to be better than others. Why not use that energy to embrace my individual qualities and enjoy life along the way.  I allowed my mind to be silent and allowed my own spirit and soul to speak and guide me , instead of the actions of others.

The moment I stopped competing, I stopped comparing, I stopped having to live up to this perfect idea of what I should be like. Although I still push myself, I don’t push, myself for competitive reasons. I push, myself for personal and spiritual growth, without comparison to others.

It opens up this whole new way of looking at things, living with a purpose of journey. Self-exploration without comparison. Those ideals of what we should be like , lifted off my shoulders, allowing room for individualism and creativity. Allowing time to trek my own path on my journey.

It’s cool how much more you notice when you embrace others instead of being their competition, all of a sudden it’s like you stop sweating the small stuff. Focusing on yourself, your own goals and where you would like to be, what path in life you would like to be on or take. It’s that moment you start to get to embrace the journey that makes the hard parts of life appreciated.

Lesson 20 : The colours of everyday life become brighter when you stop competing and comparing.

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