So the time has come that I feel like I’ve reached one of those milestones in my life. Although my pace has been slow, I’ve made it. I’ve been almost a year sober from marijuana & I no longer use alcohol as a coping mechanism. Those bad and toxic relationships and bad habits are all gone, without a glimpse of coming back . Temptation is no longer tempting.

It hasn’t been easy, I’ve faced my worst demons  emotionally and physically. It didn’t happen overnight, it was a long hard slog too where I wanted to be. There was people along the way I never though in my wildest dream would be in my life, supporting me from near and far . Offering a shoulder or an ear whenever I needed it .  You all were my rock , my grounding when it got cloudy .

I now find myself on as spiritual journey to become the person I was supposed to be.  To become a better person than I was before, always challenging boundaries and going to the unexplored .

For anyone reading this who may be in the same position as I was a year ago , my advice to you would be . .. Make that choice, make that decision to make the change . I never though in my wildest dreams id make it past 1 month , but I did . I fought those demons and won. Be open and honest .  You’d be surprised that you’ll find support from the wildest and furthest places … But its there – you just need to make the choice .  Something from a previous blog always stays with me , “ Its ok not to be ok “ . take that approach and do your future self a favor  , reach out and ask for help . Open up your heart and mind , be vulnerable , face those things you’ve been stumbling on . Find a way to be the natural you.

I’m glad to have shared part of my journey with you all. Learning about my Synesthesia and how to identify my emotions and feelings has been a big help along the way. I’ve actually been overwhelmed by the support and non-judgmental ear people have offered me. Most of all I thank god to have been supported by my practice in meditation and yoga.

Sometimes things work out in the most wildest of ways, ways that one cannot even dream. If you can dream it , if you can believe it , it can happen .


Lesson 19 : People don’t care where you come from , they care where you are now .

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