This blog comes after a lot more changes in my life recently. I’ve been thinking about these changes and how one starts to make little positive changes in their lives, to account for big changes. It’s true what they say about things not happening overnight.

My Physical Exercise is increasing and the broken hand is on the mend. Housing changes – Back to living solo which is super exciting!  I finally get a Yoga / Meditation room. My anxiety is still on the decrease and I learn new tools every day to keep this under wraps.

For every change there is a choice.

A choice not eat that extra cookie, or a choice to not have that next drink. Choices are made constantly, sometimes involuntary … this is because our minds are so use to the previous choices that they automatically make them for us. We need to re train our minds to make better choices, this being that hard bit. Are minds are fighting with ourselves, wanting what we are used to , to do things differently this time because the last outcome was not what we wanted .

Outcomes based on effort.

I’ve made the conscious choice to not think so negatively about myself. To make the choice to be kind to myself & find happiness within again.

Other people’s burdens and negativity are not to be carried on your shoulders.

As Elsa from frozen sung so beautifully – LET IT GO! LET IT GO! Ha ha . Make the decision to let go of others problems they are trying to shove onto you. If you don’t do what makes you happy, by being true to yourself, you’ll never find peace.

Easier said than done, I know, I know .

I still struggle with this, because when someone is trying to shove their problems onto you, you take it personal.. It’s only human. It’s important to disassociate yourself from this behavior and put it back onto them or let it go completely. Its not yours , so don’t carry it around .

Lesson 18 :  Start by making a choice

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