The Colour of Summer

So recently I’ve been reading a lot of books and watching lots of videos on other synesthetes. What I’ve learnt is I’m not alone, there are others out there with similar stories and diagnosis, none Identical but similar. This has made me feel not alone, there were others who suffered similar things and also didn’t have answers until they were young adults.

What I have learned is my emotions correspond with colours. If I’m asked me the colour of Happiness, I automatically say “ Pink “ , This is the colour I see when I’m happy … it not like I walk around and everything is pink , its more the automatic association my brain makes when feeling certain emotions . It’s so hard to explain, but now makes sense that my favourite colour is pink . I’ve spent some time trying to consciously recognise colours and emotions to understand more about how my moods are and to better understand my condition.

When I’m feeling energetic it’s usually a deep green, when I’m feeling Love or lust it’s usually a purple. The shades of the colours can associate with different things . I’ve noticed negative emotions usually correspond with dull dark colours , like when I’m feeling uncomfortable I see a grey colour , when I’m anxious I see a dark brown colour , if I’m scared I see a midnight blue . Sometime colours do cross over emotions and this is where life gets confusing for a person suffering with my conditions . Its like trying to feel 2 things at once , then the brain has to figure out with the body how it is actually feelings – Yoga has helped me alot with dealing with this situation . Just breathe i just tell myself when i feel myself getting worked up over my emotions .

Along with this I also see colours and pictures with certain smells.

This morning while walking to church for the first time in a long time the sun was shining, the cold wind was gone and there was a smell of freshness in the air. It instantly reminded me of summer, the colour of summer is Aqua Green, and the smell is fresh like beach air. It reminded me of the sound of waves  washing up  on the shore , seagulls squawking and the hot sun hitting my face while I feel the sand beneath my feet .  The colour and smell of summer makes me happy, maybe because it means the rainy days are over. The colour sequence flashed Aqua Green, Baby Blue , Pink  :  Happiness , Summer , Water .

I’ve also started taking ZINC tablets with my usual medication to help with my Synesthesia, and surprisingly its helped a lot . My number correlation has been a lot better and I feel my brain function better than before. It’s amazing how certain vitamins and minerals can affect our body and brain.

Yoga Update – I’ve started my yoga training am trying to absorb as much as possible , while taking my time to ensure I learn everything the right way . The path to becoming a yogi is not easy, but I look forward to the self-explorations and learnings to come.

Lesson 15 : Learning never ends

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