So recently I’ve made some made major life choices that I feel are keeping my life on the right path. I’m happy to say I’ve maintained sobriety and stayed away from toxic people that use to involve themselves in my life. My medication doses have been lowered and I’ve come off certain medication all together, which for me show signs I’m getting stronger , day by day , breath by breath .  I’m not 100% recovered but I’m fighting an emotional and mental battle now.

I’ve decided to take on my Yoga Teacher Training part time. This blog I want to talk a little bit about the leading factor behind why I’ve chosen to spend my spare time studying this. Not only do I have an end goal and vision of being a SUP Yoga teacher and sharing my passion with others , but I’m discovering more about the power of breathing , Specifically Pranayama .

If you google Pranayama you’ll find the following definition.

“The formal practice of controlling the Breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force “

Control of the breath is our life force . It’s never ending, and if it stops we stop. A big concept to engage the mind to think about. Some people live their whole lives without knowing how to control their breath and it simply is an involuntary action being performed the wrong way.

Pranayama is not something id practiced previously in my Bikrum or hatha yoga classes.

It wasn’t until my current amazing Yoga teach took our Restorative yoga class through some Pranayama breathing I had a profound experience. It was almost like my mind was engaging with my senses and for the first time, I was able to open up to memories and feelings I had previously not been able to emotionally or physically handle. I quietly let tears or emotion run down my face , I felt a release  of emotions and control I  had not experienced before .

I was able to shift off the negative feelings and choose how I wanted to feel through the breath.  It was like id found something that helped my mind centre and control. Feeling the breath through the souls of my feel, through my belly button, palms of my hands and temple. Its sounds weird but its truly amazing what you can discover once you let go and put any pre dispositions aside.

It takes a lot of practice to let go and breathe.

I realised in this moment that there’s so much more for my mind and body to discover, so many doors yet to be unbolted and swung open. I decided I want to immerse myself in practice more often and eventually give the gift of learning which has been given to me onto others.

I feel very blessed to have met the people I have and had the experiences I have had on my journey so far and I’m excited to see what the next 12 months of Yoga training hold for me. I look forward to learning and discovering more about myself than I did before.

Lesson 14 : Don’t be scared to open that door

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