Reflection & Psyche

This weekend I spent some time reflecting. I said some prayers for cleansing and protection , I burnt some sage around my home to give thanks , and i feel like I’m in a good place in my life at the moment .

I feel it’s important for me to have time to relax and self-reflect on where I am at presently, where I’ve come from and the progress I’ve made .

I have a tendency to always see the negative in myself, I can be hard on myself for not being where I want to be in life. Self-imposed views for me can be very destructive, these views come from within and control my moods and psyche.

I’ve come a long way from the person I use to be, for this I’m so extremely proud.

I’m proud for making better choices, surrounding myself with better people and taking steps forward to improve myself and find health and happiness through my recovery. I try to now look at the positives in my journey instead of the negatives. I look to where I’ve come instead of where I think I should be.

Upon reflection I gain great appreciation. Appreciation for the smallest things I wouldn’t usually have, without stopping to take time to dig within the mind. That friend that calls you up to see how you’re doing, the family members that are always there no matter how hard times get. That stranger on the street that stops  to let you pat their dog .  These are the things in my life I cannot put value on. I may not have much money or material possessions, but I’m rich in experiences, values, bonds and relationships. A place which I’ve worked very hard to get too.

Psyche is defined as ‘the totality of the human mind conscious and unconscious ‘, it’s also described as “the Greek term for Soul or Spirit.  I aim to work on my unconscious psyche through reflection and meditation, I want to be more accepting of myself and others. I want my spirit to be humble and cleansed through the purity of actions and experiences of kindness and generosity. I want my conscious self to recognise feelings of anger, judgment and addictions and start to implement steps to moving these out of my mind and out of my body.

Lesson 13: Be gentle and honest with yourself

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