Mindfulness and Meditation

111 days sober

I’ve decided to undertake a 30 days of calm challenge.

So each night I’ve made a pact to myself that before bed I spend at least 10min doing some mindful meditation, to give thanks for blessings in my life, engage the breath and asses where mind and body is at in that present moment.  I’m doing this in addition to my amazing restorative yoga classes which continuously teach me more and more about my body and mind . It’s helped me find more balance in my life and asses areas I may need to improve in.

I do this in many ways, breathing meditation, reflection, prayer, goal making and honest self-assessment.

This weekend I took some time out to reassess my health and fitness and find my happy place in training again. It’s been a long road on recovery and I’m so proud of myself for making it this far, but I miss the physical side of training, taking my mind to a place of endurance and challenge. Now that my mind is stronger I’ve decided to start to involve more physical training into my therapy again. I’m starting to feel like myself again and for this I’m truly blessed.

Along my path to health and happiness I’ve lost a lot of toxic friends, but this weekend I got to spend time with some lovely girlfriends. One of which stuck by me through thick and thin and couldn’t be more precious to me. It made me realise that good trustworthy friends are really hard to come by and it’s important to spend quality time with the ones that are always there . Its taught me to be mindful, mindful of the people you let into your life, mindful of the things I do an say … even eat and drink .  Sometimes I need to be mindful of how I even breathe, which sounds weird as most people view breathing as an involuntary function. All these things effect what you do every day , day in and day out . How you interact with others and how you treat yourself .

One of the self-help meditations I’ve been listening to had the below excerpt in it & I thought I would share it , as it made me start to appreciate more the importance of meditation and being mindful .

“Whether you have stress or anxiety, whether you would like a more restful sleep, or to feel more connected or joyful. Meditation teaches us how to wake up, pay attention and become present.

With greater awareness we make better choices. We build stronger relationships and are able to remain calm among the ups and downs of life.

Mindful mediation is a universal practice that has nothing to do with organised religion or dogma of any kind. It can be practiced by anyone at any time, in any place.

The best way to learn about meditation is to practice it.”

Lesson 12 :  Practice mindfulness , be present in the moment you are in .

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