So my latest blog comes after being a little run down physically and emotionally. I’m just recovering from the flu, being sick is one of my most hated feelings. My whole body aches and I mentally feel incapable of doing the simplest tasks.  I revert to 2 year old tantrums and become easily agitated by the smallest of things. So flu season is a real challenge for me no matter how hard I try to zen myself out.

I haven’t been eating well, and I haven’t been looking after my body with enough exercise. I always thought the saying “your body is your temple “was silly, but in fact it’s very true mentally and physically. I haven’t been looking after my emotional health or doing enough therapy for my recovery. This has slightly triggered my PTSD and anxiety. It’s like a domino effect, one falls everything starts to follow. This couldn’t be truer with life.

What have I learned from this? Balance is everything.

We all have busy lives and our own issues to deal with in our day to day lives.  Work Life, Family Life, and Social Life etc … If we don’t balance all aspects of our lives we tend to fail in certain areas. My case at the moment is I’m physically and emotionally run down. When certain areas of my life aren’t going how I like I tend to project negative energy onto others , through my current imbalance I’ve tried to not repeat previous bad behaviours . Music, friends and animals has helped lift my mood to get me through the rough patch. I’ve opted to not talk to friends about how I’ve been recently feeling as I knew I’m slowly becoming mentally stronger and could fix imbalances on my own without a relapse  .

Recognising this and putting in measures to restore balance are the first steps to getting back on track. Making a conscious effort to eat better, exercise more and give my mind time to chill out and relax are my goals. It makes my mind more attentive and helps my awareness of my own aura .  To be better balanced in my life means I’m more emotionally and mentally stable and I don’t have so many highs and lows.

Lesson 11 : Balance provides stability

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