Ocean loving; SUP Yoga Practice

So this blog I wanted to touch on my love for the ocean. It wasn’t until recently I started to Practice Stand up Paddle board yoga again and this has reignited my connection to the sea. Some people refer to SUP Yoga as the “yoga of water sports“ but for me it’s much more.

Whether it be Surfing, swimming or Sup yoga being in the ocean seems to help my mind release whatever is going on up there. Sometimes life can direct the mind to be crowded with thoughts and anxieties, unable to switch off.

Out on a board in the ocean, it’s just me and the waves. Floating with the currents and sets, with no control over the powerful beauty, just control of oneself, one’s body and one’s thoughts.

There’s something amazingly cleansing about being about to clear the mind and just go with the waves. After each session I find myself sitting on the sand reflecting on the beauty of nature and how blessed we are to just breath and be thankful for the natural beauty that God has blessed us all with.

Each wave caught, each yoga pose held on the water without falling off is one more step towards my recovery. Each downward dog , each cobra , each warrior pose is an inch more of strength my body receives . Be kind to your body and your mind is what my guru is teaching me , let the current take you where it needs to and know that you can always paddle back to shore if you need to .

One more step on my journey I’ve been able to take, learning about my condition and trying to direct my energy into positive use. No more self-destruction, no more negative thoughts; everything disappears.

Now I’m not claiming to be the wonder woman of sup yoga yet, but practice makes perfect. Each session my flexibility increases, the pain in my shoulders and neck subsides and I feel release. Something amazing from the motion of the waves, the sun hitting my face and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. It’s indescribable, almost like a feeling of nurture and wholeness.

My body physically becomes overjoyed with happiness as soon as my toes hit the water. So much so that I’m that crazy girl that still goes out in winter in freezing cold conditions without a wetsuit (* on that note; if anyone has an old wetsuit to give my broke ass id kindly accept LOL ) .

It’s almost like an addiction in a way, but a positive one. I’d rather be addicted to the ocean, than things I have been in the past.

Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong era, I should have been a hippy living on a beach somewhere quiet away from society, just living it up with a bon fire a board and love in my heart.

We make the best of what we have and if my past has taught me anything it’s to appreciate what you have in this very moment.

Lesson No# 8 : Channel your energy into positive things

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