Restorative Yoga, the Breath & Synesthesia senses .

So my blog tonight comes after an amazing Restorative yoga class experience. One amazing teacher and humble students .

I’ve decided to give up my love for bikram yoga , AKA “The Crossfit of yoga” for something which will allow me to engage my breathing , without so much stress on my aging body .

Why was my yoga class so amazing? Well it allowed me to close my eyes and engage my senses. There was calming, relaxing music playing through the class.

My Synesthesia includes music, music represents itself in the form of coloured shapes and patterns , occasionally objects and movements. The only way to explain what I felt is like looking through a kaleidoscope with the patterns jumping around.

The music depicts the colours and patterns I see. Tonight’s patterns were amazing pastel colours that moved slowly like waves.  I also get feelings, for me it was like sitting on an exotic beach somewhere with the feeling of completeness. All the worries in the world lifted off my shoulders, all of a sudden the stresses of life disappear when I close my eyes and listen to music. Like allowing myself to just drift with the current.

I went into class tonight with a shoulder slightly out of place and a stiff neck. I walked out feeling like a million dollars with a huge smile on my face. I couldn’t get the positive vibes out of my body and hope to carry them around with my through to my next class.

I learnt to engage breathing through different nostrils, engaging different airways actually depicts which part of the brain we are using. So controlling breathing can be a powerful tool to control the mind. I felt my anxiety go from 80 to 0, controlling breathing in conjunction with music makes my anxiety disappear. Quiet amazing. I hope to be able to carry these breathing techniques with me all the time with practice.

Something interesting I read online –

‘Breathing is managed by the unconscious mind, but at any moment we can grab the controls and consciously change how we breathe. We can make our breathing shallow or deep, fast or slow, or we can choose to stop breathing altogether, until we pass out and the unconscious takes over again.’

Lesson 5: You are in control, if you just breathe.

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