Learning how to breathe again – Reigniting my passion for yoga.

So this blog I want to touch on the power of the breath and how important breathing and meditation can be to one’s mental health. Since postponing my martial arts journey, I’ve needed to find another way to release my energy .

I didn’t realise how important yoga was for my mental health until I recently began my journey to recovery.

I’ve done a lot of yoga over the years Hatha , Bikrum and Ashtanga . It’s always a place I’ve been able to rejuvenate and find a peaceful place to let go of the craziness.

Each of my yoga teachers from each style has taught me a life lesson I still carry with me today. Each style with their own individual characteristics the one thing they all have in common – the breath.  The debate of open eyed or closed eye yoga will always be there . I find benefits with both , at the moment i prefer open eyed yoga , for self awareness and recovery . I find when i close my eyes my synesthesia kicks in to a higher level and i find my mind wondering off with patterns and pictures and not with the breath . Having my eyes open allows me to center and concentrate on the connection between mind and body .

The breath is the path to ones connection between the mind and body. Without breath our minds would not function and our bodies wouldn’t move.

Our bodies can move in different and extraordinary ways when we center our breath and calm our mind. This process can be improved through the power of breathing and meditation, taking our minds to a place where there is calm and tranquility.  The mind and the breath are not automatically in sync and we need to train and teach our minds to control the breath with movement.

Breathing deeply in allows us to take fresh air, exhaling allows us to rid our body and mind of the bad stuff which can consume us through our day.

I’ve learnt not to carry these burdens around with me and to release this with the exhale of my breath. We choose through the power of our breath , what we want to keep in and what we want to push out.

Inhale , Exhale , Repeat .

Lesson 3 : Just breath and everything will be ok .

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